Child Sandplay Therapist Services in Ardmore, PA

 A child with trauma in their past or who displays fearful, aggressive, or demanding behavior may need therapy. Kini Bryant, LCSW, Sandplay Therapist, in Ardmore, PA, provides child sandplay therapist services to empower your child to process and healthily deal with their trauma. 

Discover Child Sandplay Therapy

As a child sandplay therapist, Kini Bryant works closely with children to explore the origins of their trauma and behavioral difficulties so that the child can move beyond them. Kini creates a comfortable environment that supports the child throughout the difficult process of dealing with trauma.

Kini prioritizes establishing trust and a non-judgmental relationship with your child so that they can be open and vulnerable. Child sandplay therapy is client-led and depends on this open and supportive environment to work.

During the sandplay therapy, the child creates worlds and narratives in a sandbox, with a variety of figures that they choose from Kini’s collection. Kini encourages the child to explore possibilities so that she can more fully understand the origins of your child’s trauma.

As your child works with Kini and engages in child sandplay therapy, the child learns to trust their own internal sense of guidance. Because the therapy is built around the child’s own creativity and autonomy, the child can develop a greater sense of competency, internal self-control, and a stronger sense of self-acceptance.

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Since 2015, Kini has used her own sandplay therapy practice to help children. Kini’s a licensed clinical therapist and a member of the Sandplay Therapists of America, the US affiliate of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy.

Kini has 30 years of experience in the medical field, with 14 years of that working with children and others with trauma. Kini is committed to the well-being of her clients and works tirelessly to help them connect more fully to the world around them.

Come to Kini Bryant, LCSW, Sandplay Therapist, for comprehensive child sandplay therapist services to help your child in Ardmore, PA. Call 484-868-2026 today.