Kini Bryant, LCSW Registered Sandplay Therapist
Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Therapist
Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Therapist

Registered Sandplay Practitioner

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and my private practice specializes in Sandplay therapy. I assist children as young as two and three years of age to young adults. My experience working in the medical field, as well as in the mental health field, for over thirty years confirms my belief that the mind, spirit, and the body are interconnected, and one supports the other in the healing process.   Therapy is a healing process from all types of traumatic experiences and losses.

A person seeking therapy for their child or themselves may not have experienced trauma that he/she recognizes as trauma. He/she may feel uncertain, afraid, emotional, and exhibit behaviors that reflect insecurity, low self-worth and have difficulty making decisions, feel irritable, and sad.

Kini Bryant, LCSW Registered Sandplay Therapist
Kini Bryant, LCSW Registered Sandplay Therapist

A Holistic Approach to Therapy

Sandplay Therapy supports a holistic approach that values the relationship between the body, mind, and spirit. A holistic approach to therapy enhances one's personal strength and competence, and the aim of therapy is to feel self-assured, valued, and trusted.

Trust in the therapist, and the feeling of safety is the key that unlocks the freedom to explore, develop, and master the stages of human development. By establishing a trusting relationship, I have helped children, adolescents, and adults gain their ability to trust another person and then allow them to explore and process their inner self, the unconscious, thus revealed to the conscious state of mind. Processing aids can be talking, creative art expression, Sandplay Therapy, and many other modalities. The outcome of therapy is to feel confident, empowered, and valued as your unique self!

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History of Sandplay

Sandplay is effective for all ages. The name Sandplay is the term originally named by Dora Kalff, the founder of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST). Dora Kalff studied with Margret Lowenfeld, a child psychiatrist and a therapist who wanted to understand the healing in children who had experienced trauma post World War. Dr. Lowenfeld practiced in London, and Dora Kalff practiced a Jungian psychology approach in Zolken, Switzerland (Sandplay Therapy A Pschychotheraputic Approach to the Psyche, Dora Kalff, 2003).

Kini Bryant, LCSW Registered Sandplay Therapist

The Therapeutic Process

Sandplay Therapy facilitates self-regulation, and the goal of the therapy is to learn to trust in themselves as being a healthy-minded person who feels self-valued and esteemed by their peers because they themselves feel confident and self-assured.

Trauma, whether it happens to a child, adolescent, or adult, contributes to feeling a disorganized sense of self. For a child and adult, feeling disorganized is scary. Healing can take place non-verbally, and often the healing process is subtle. A personal transformation is the goal. A Sandplay process is unique to the individual. If you or your child/adolescent is experiencing trauma; personal or environmental; is noticeably withdrawing from friends and family members; seems to struggle with developing appropriate coping skills; exhibits fear, aggression, impulsive/demanding behavior; and is not feeling like themselves.

Kini Bryant, LCSW Registered Sandplay Therapist