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Sandplay Therapy

Kini Bryant, MSS, LCSW Sandplay Practitioner

Our child therapist that serves Ardmore, PA

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and specialize working with children, adolescents and young adults as a  Sandplay Practitioner. I have 30 years experience working in the healthcare profession. My experience in counseling with a diverse mental health population supports a holistic approach that  values the relationship between the body, mind and the spirit.  A holistic approach in treatment enhances one's personal strength to heal. For the past 15 years, I have assisted children, adolescents and young adults by establishing a trusting therapeutic relationship. The outcome of therapy is to feel confident, to have an  improved  sense of self, and to feel empowered by ones' own self-worth.

Licensed Clinical Therapist (Pennsylvania CW 016251)

 Sandplay Practitioner with Sandplay Therapists of America (STA) , an affiliate of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST).  

Graduate from the Sandplay Institute, Dallas, Texas, April/2015 to October/2016

Member of the Pennsylvania Society of Clinical Social Work (PSCSW)

Member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

Sandplay processing facilitates healing evident by behavior that reflects a secure and confident individual.


 The Sandtray provides the specific container to work in and the sand provides the tactile sensation while the child, adolescent or young adult selects the miniatures to create a spontaneous, safe and carefree activity. The Sandplay process enables one to create a picture, in the sand, that reflects their personal experience. The process in the sandtray is often created quietly and, the therapist, withholding interpretation or judgment, will listen as the client shares their story, personal struggle and/or their understanding of their difficult situation. The Sandplay picture reflects their story along with a narrative if one chooses to share.  

The client takes the lead in their own processing while the therapist provides a supportive, trusting relationship that is open and non-judgemental.

The client learns to trust one's internal sense of guidance that leads to becoming a secure individual. 

Sandplay Therapy facilitates self regulation,  feelings of competence, thus self-acceptance.

Sandplay Therapy is an effective intervention.


Sandplay Therapy is an effective tool for children and, too, it is an effective tool for adolescents and adults. Often, finding the words to express ones' feelings is a challenge. Together the client and the  therapist can review one's creative process to help see and understand what they are feeling and experiencing.   The picture created in the sand tray is a way for expressing one's internal feelings. Trauma whether it happens to a child, adolescent or an adult leaves one with a disrupted and disorganized sense of self. If you or your child/adolescent is experiencing trauma; personal or environmental; is noticably withdrawing from friends and family members; seems to struggle with developing appropriate coping skills; 

exhibits fear, aggression, implusive/demanding behavior; and/or suffers with 

sleep disturbances, such as experiencing bad dreams, 

then consider Sandplay Therapy. 

Sandplay Therapy is an effective intervention for anyone who is experiencing stress.

Serving Children -Young Adults

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Kini Bryant, LCSW, Sandplay Therapist Practitioner

Sandplay is a therapeutic method that enhances self-healing and growth.

My goal is to facilitate healing evident in you or your child’s self-confidence and improved self-esteem.


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